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Weather Policy:
In the event of questionable weather, please check this section on this page for updates. You may also call Austin Tennis & Pickleball Center at 512-928-8119. If at all possible, a decision will be made by 3:00 PM whether league play can be held or not.

Thank you to our leagues sponsors:

league results

Co-Ed Ladder League
For updated league results and rung assignments, click here.

Mixed Doubles League
Results can be found here. Court assignments will be emailed to players the Sunday before play.  


If you're interested in being a sub in any of GAP's leagues, please click here and complete the form. PLEASE NOTE: By completing the form, your email name and email address will be accessible to all GAP members. 


Please read the sub policy below! Depending on the league, sub's scores may be handled differently. If you're unsure, contact us here. 

sub policy

PLEASE NOTE: Each league may have a different sub policy! Look for your specific league below to determine the sub policy. 

Co-Ed Ladder League Sub Policy

Email Dusty Boyd if you need a sub or if you're interested in being a sub (must be a GAP member).

If a player is unable to play on a specified day, notify us by Thursday before the schedule is published on Friday.  If the player lets us know before the schedule is published, the ladder captain will coordinate finding a sub.  That sub will play on the court best fit to the sub’s skill level.  The missing player will not be penalized for being absent, they will receive 0/0 points for the week, not affecting their overall average. 

If a player does not notify the ladder captain they will be missing league play before the schedule is published, they are responsible for finding a sub for their court.  A sub list with contact info will be published in the email every Friday with rankings/schedules.  Failure to get a sub by Tuesday will result in the same penalty as a no show, outlined below.  Players notifying the ladder captain of an absence after the schedule is posted will receive their sub’s score MINUS a 10 point penalty.

If a player does not let GAP know before the schedule is published Friday for the following Tuesday games that they will be missing, they are responsible for finding a sub.  If they fail to do so, a player from an adjacent ladder “rung” will be asked to play both their court and the court of the missing player.  The missing player will receive ½ of the player asked to fill their spots score or ½ of the missing player’s cumulative average score, whichever is higher.

Mixed Doubles League Sub Policy

You are responsible for finding your own sub. Your sub's score will not count toward your total score. Please find a list of subs for the Mixed Doubles League here. If you're interested in being a sub, please complete this form. Please let us know who is subbing for you. Email us here.


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