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If you missed out on registration but want to get a chance to play, join the sub list below!

Weather Policy:
In the event of questionable weather, please check this section on this page for updates. You may also call Austin Tennis & Pickleball Center at 512-928-8119. If at all possible, a decision will be made by 3:00 PM whether league play can be held or not. 

Thank you to our leagues sponsors:

league information

Co-Ed Ladder League Fall 2018

1.     All participants, including Sub players, must be a GAP member.
2.     Participants are responsible to notify the league administrator (gmbland12@gmail.com) by Friday night prior to the Tuesday of play that they will not be able to be there. A substitute will be found for you. 
3.     When a sub plays for you, his position at the end of play is YOUR position for the next week.
4.    League procedures:
    •  Each court will have two coins, used to decide partners. It will also have a clip board where players will print names of teams..
    •  Initial partners decided by coin flip.
    •  Games will be played to 15, win by 1 and change sides at 8.
    • At end of the game, winning team on clip board is circled. Clip boards and coins stay at court
    • Losing team moves down to lower bracket for next game and partners split and play with other two individuals. Partners chosen by coin flip.
    •  Winning team moves up to higher bracket for next game and partners split and play with other two individuals. Partners chosen by coin flip.
    • Four games will make up the evening of league play. Your position for the next weeks play is determined by where you would go after your 4th game, either up or down. That court number is entered on to the 'GAP League Position Chart' at the end of the day. 


If you're interested in being a sub in any of GAP's leagues, please Click Here and complete the form. PLEASE NOTE: You MUST be a GAP Member to sub in the league and by completing the form, your email name and email address will be accessible to all GAP members.

Look at Sublist

Please read the sub policy below! Depending on the league, sub's scores may be handled differently. If you're unsure, contact  Greg Bland at gmbland12@gmail.com

sub policy

PLEASE NOTE: Each league may have a different sub policy! Look for your specific league below to determine the sub policy. 

Co-Ed Ladder League Sub Policy

Email Greg Bland ( gmbland12@gmail.com ) if you need a sub or if you're interested in being a sub (must be a GAP member).

If a player is unable to play on a specified day, notify us by Friday.  If the player lets us know, the ladder captain will coordinate finding a sub. The missing player will not be penalized for being absent.

If a player does not notify the ladder captain they will be missing league play before the schedule is published, they are responsible for finding a sub for their court.  A sub list with contact info is listed above.  Failure to get a sub by Tuesday will result in a penalty as a no show.

The sub IS playing for the missing person and his/her result affects where the missing player will be the following week.

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